Verifying the WSDL files

The WSDL files located in the webappname\WEB-INF\classes directory are updated during WAR file creation to contain the correct soap address URL entries. The information in the WSDL files is used by developers to create web services consumer applications.

Open the WSDL files to ensure that the automatically configured URLs are correct for your specific deployment environment. This is particularly important if you are running web services over https or have a deployment environment where the servername and port differs from the URL used by consumers to access the web services.

The following is an example of the soap address entry for the ReportEngine web service.

<service name="ReportEngine">
<documentation>Report Engine Web Service</documentation>

<port name="ReportEngineSoap" binding="s0:ReportEngineSoap">

<soap:address location="http://servername:port/dswsbobje/services/reportengine" />



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