BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2 .NET SDK  


The date and time that the instance actually began being processed.



The syntax has these parts:

Part Type Description
ObjectID Long A number that identifies the object you want to retrieve.

Used to access the property from a query result:



The difference between this time and SI_ENDTIME yields the total time it took to process the report. Processing the report involves retrieving all the data from the database to fully populate and format the report.

In a query string such as "Select TOP 10 * From CI_INFOOBJECTS Where SI_ENDTIME < Date", the format of the date must be, where you can omit anything starting from the right, and the separator can be any separator character. The time part must be in UTC time (GMT with no daylight savings) and it must use the 24 hour clock. For more information, see Date/Time.

The format of the returned date is defined by your default locale. This may be examined using the Regional Settings in the control panel.


Please see the example for the SI_CREATION_TIME Property property.

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