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SetDataSource Method (Database Object)

The SetDataSource method is used to provide information about a data source to the database driver associated with this Database object at runtime. For instance, if a report has been designed using the Crystal Active Data Driver this method can be used to provide an active data source for the report, such as a DAO, ADO, or RDO Recordset or a CDO Rowset. In this case, the object passed to the second parameter of this method replaces, at runtime, the field definition file used to create the report. This method can be invoked only in formatting Idle mode. When using a secure connection such as SQL Server, some additional code is required (see Remarks below).


Sub SetDataSource (data, [dataTag], [tableNumber])




Variant data passed to the database driver. For example, with Active data, this must be a Recordset object if you are using DAO, ADO, or the Visual Basic data control. This must be a Rowset object if you are using CDO.


A value indicating the type of data being passed to the DatabaseTable object in the Data parameter. Currently, the only possible value is 3. This value must be used for all Active data sources including DAO, ADO, RDO, CDO, and the Visual Basic data control.


Specifies the index number of the table to be set. Default value = 1.


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